Keywords-data leak; dns defenses; cache poisoning; malware analysis; privacy-based security defense; phishing; same-origin policy; COMBS;

Abstract — Data leaks such as the COMBS data breach are a sophisticated security attack that exposes both personal user and network information. The attack deploys a cross-section of methods to evade site defense mechanisms and leak personal information. DNS attacks such as cache poising use cross-browser scripting to hijack a user’s personal information by intercepting a web session. The most common DNS defense mechanisms such as a content security policy aim to prevent a user’s web session from an intercepted third party yet even…

Keywords- dyslexia; accessibility; human factors

I. Introductions

The design of digital interfaces according to accessibility standards includes recommendations for software engineering to ensure the intended content is accessible for all users. According to the Web Accessibility Initiative, digital accessibility is the ability of the software, websites, mobile applications, or electronic documents to be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users including those users who have visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia. [1]

The World Health Organization reports that over 15% of the global population has some form of disability. The following report is drawn…

When we design software, we use design and engineering principles to solve problems, yet in agile teams our solutions get boxed into a finite set of requirements that may not challenge us to consider how an application will change over time. Perhaps we’re working on a code rewrite of an application that includes a new search feature or maybe an analytics program addressing fraudulent behavior or possibly a new greenfield idea altogether. These all share tangible goals relative to the needs of current users.

While its difficult to predict what the application or business will need in the future, considering…

Product engineering doesn’t slow during a pandemic. In fact, connected systems face increased usage and security demands.

Remote user testing has stepped up as a decision tool for product teams using continuous monitoring for production systems. Leveraging user testing with continuous monitoring helps teams understand how changes may affect the performance of online systems and the intended user experience.

To effectively run remote user testing, a testing framework is an important function for product teams to get right. While statistical analysis can provide inference for products, a user testing framework helps to understand the impact of any variation on user…

With Angular 2 comes new features as well as new syntax for building web apps. In this walkthrough, we’re going to flex some developer UX, by building an Angular 2 app on top of VMware’s Project Clarity design system.

As with any system framework, the devil is in customizing the features for your project needs. While this walkthrough is a bit lengthy and I believe you can leverage it in the following ways:

  • skim the article top to bottom to understand the general flow of building with a design system
  • read thoroughly and follow along by implementing a project of…

Revisiting Toyota’s Lean Manufacturing from an Enterprise UX lens, I’m struck by how Toyota leverages the power of user testing during production to address quality. It’s noteworthy to pull out how cross-functional teams consulting with designers continue to play a pivotal role in the reducing design waste, aka “muda”.

As background, the Toyota Production System (TPS) — the philosophy which organizes manufacturing and logistics at Toyota, including its interaction with suppliers and customers was created by Toyota founder Sakichi Toyoda, his son Kiichiro Toyoda and Toyota chief engineer Taiichi Ohno to empower their people and processes to reduce waste, called…

You may have noticed trade-show or backroom research studies at customer events and possibly your curiosity got the best of you and you wondered what was behind the user research. Maybe you’re developing a product and wondering when is the best time to do user research. The short answer is do research as often as possible. But, when considering the role of user research in the overall product development process, then there are two main research vehicles: formative and summative testing (sometimes referred to as usability testing).

Formative User Research

Formative user research often takes the role of upfront research for decision making…

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect May 25, 2018 after years of public review. The GDPR addresses the process of obtaining and managing user data, giving EU residents more control over their privacy online.

User Right to Manage and Delete Data

GDPR gives users more control over their data and management of their online accounts by providing some level of user consent. They will be able to change preferences up to deleting accounts altogether. …

This week tech giants showcased a bold set of demonstrations involving drones, vision I/O and AI capability with many sentiments unsaid about the human interaction. Google’s Assistant made an eerie call to book an appointment at a hair salon. A near perfect livestream broadcast a pitch perfect, gender and age appropriate AI swiftly and successfully booking this appointment with an endearing and rather personal interaction with the unsuspecting receiver who was comfortable with the like-sounding caller.

The AI-aware conference audience at Google roared with delight.

The receiver never knew they were interacting with a computer and left perfectly satisfied and…

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